Handling tents properly increases their lifespan. But how exactly do you handle a tent professionally? We are happy to offer you a few examples of how we go about that.

Using a tent in a professional way starts with erecting it. Everything has to be right. All components must be assembled according to professional rules. Otherwise, there will be a higher risk of wear and tear.

Perfect tent erection

That is why we offer you the option of one of our tent assemblers assisting you when you erect a new tent or marquee for the first time. We know that every task is difficult the first time you do it. Even if your assembly team has several years of experience under the belt, nobody is too old to learn. We will show you how to erect a tent or marquee just as it should be, professionally from top to bottom.

And what about the second step for using a tent or marquee professionally? Yes, we are talking about storage! Store your tents in a dry location. But don’t do that before cleaning and drying them properly first. The first stage is to remove any marks or stains, the second to avoid mould formation.

Professional cleaning

Good maintenance of tent fabrics is crucial for every professional tent rental company.

That is why we have a cleaning hall equipped with professional machines at Veldeman.

If you do not have the space for good maintenance, please feel free to come to us. Then you can see for yourself how we handle the task in our workshop. And we will tell you right away some of our secrets about the best products.

Here is a top tip right now! We often hear the same thing in autumn. ‘Our tent fabrics have brown stains from leaves that fell on them. We have scrubbed and scrubbed but nothing helps.’

What is the solution? Wait for a sunny day and lay the tent fabric out on the ground.

And, voila, the problem is solved!

Using your tent professionally = a tent in top condition.

Would you like your tent or marquee professionally cleaned? Just ask us, and you will get it back in top condition!