You want to extend your range of tents. You surf various sites and request a few offers. But the offers you receive vary quite a lot. And that is both on price and content. How can you make a good comparison in a sensible way? Here are some tips!

The more information you provide to the seller, the more detailed the offer you receive. That may be obvious, but we sometimes receive very brief requests.

Comparing apples with oranges

Having done that, things are ready for the first custom offer. It involves a small investment of your time but you will save a lot of time when you want to compare offers to buy a tent, because you can now compare like with like and not apples with oranges.


Okay, you have all the offers. What next? Always check the specifications of the tent fabric.

Which type and brand does each company offer? Don’t forget that this does not only concern the brand, information on the type is also very important. Is that type really suitable for your application?



What is the warranty on the fabrics? Sometimes a brand offers warranty but not on all its types of fabric. And what is the warranty on profiles and other parts?

A detailed offer or rushed sales bumf? Another important point is how detailed the offer is. Are they very scant with information?

That is not a good sign. Does the offer look like a lot of copy & paste work? If so, your alarm bell should ring.

That is why we always send a covering letter with our offers. It will contain items such as information on the extendibility of the tent or marquee you have in mind. We will explain which accessories are compatible. And will tell you about the maintenance. And that will bring you fully up to speed.


Check first…

At last, you have sorted the chaff from the grain. Do you still have some doubt between two offers? If you haven’t already done so, make an appointment at the company’s site.

The reception, the building, the way they work, etc., all tell you a great deal about a company. And that should make it easy to choose between two offers with a relaxed mind.

Are you looking for the most suitable tent or marquee to extend your range? Give us a call and tell us what you have in mind!