Buying a tent involves a significant investment. By transporting and storing your new acquisition more efficiently, you’ll see a maximum return on investment.  A key factor is to make the right choices when storing your material … Our tips & tricks take care of the rest.

From A to B

The most appropriate means of transport for your tent depends on three important factors: length, volume and weight. We will advise you on these specifications at the time of giving our quote. This avoids any surprises, allowing you to assess everything with perfect ease from the off, starting with the right means of transport for your tent. Will a trailer suffice? Or, will you require an HGV?

Containers and PVC sacks: everything neat and tidy

There’s nothing so annoying as finding everything jumbled up in the trailer body after transportation. At Veldeman therefore we offer an extensive range of accessories to facilitate transportation.

We have specific containers for an entire range of materials: for frame components, doors and ridge couplings, but pins and wind bracings can also be tidied away neatly too.  Any material type can be given its own home in our containers.

For the facades and sides of your tent we recommend our robust PVC sacks. These provide added protection when dragging and pulling during packing and unpacking.

Storing your tent: profiles and floor

The aluminium profiles of your tent can easily be stored outside, as long as they are covered. Allowing for ventilation, whilst keeping everything dry. Similarly, the floor is best stored in a well-ventilated place, as a floor is often dirty and wet.  Good ventilation in an open space ensures the floor dries quicker than it would in an enclosed space.

Storing your tent: fabric structures

Correct fabric structures storage starts during dismantling. It is vital to fold the fabric structure correctly.  For example, at Veldeman we always roll and fold up a roof fabric. Your fabric structure is best stored covered and indoors. Our fabric sacks provide optimum protection for your fabric structures.

Would you like more advice?

We are always on hand to give you a helping hand. We are only too happy to provide you with additional advice and tips about our range of storage options. Please do not hesitate to contact us.