Anyone thinking about an event or party, will often think of a beautiful function room. But have you ever thought about a tent for your next event? Below are 6 reasons to hire a tent for your party.

1.  You are not tied to a specific location

If you opt for a function room, you are automatically tied to that location. If you hire a tent for your party, you can choose from a whole host of locations. In beautiful green surroundings, on an old industrial site, alongside the water or even on your own company premises. Surprising and, above all, memorable for your guests. A party in a tent therefore gives you a more unique experience than a party at a fixed location.

2.  100% personalised

A fixed location will not change, but when you hire a tent for a party, you can personalise that tent each time in a different way, in line with your corporate identity, your wishes, the type of party, and the list could go on. You can choose different dimensions, shapes, setup, layout and décor. You can add an element of surprise each and every time.


3.  Flexibility

With a building, you are limited by a maximum capacity, you often have to use a specific caterer, lights and music. Hire a tent for your party and you make the decisions. If you expect more guests, we can simply adjust the size of the tent. Choose your favourite caterer, your own lights and music.  You can decorate the tent as you please, so give free reign to your creativity.

4.  All year round

A tent can also be used 365 days a year. In all weather conditions, from the spring through to the winter. From ice-sculpting festivals in the South of France, to transparent tents in the winter. With the right technologies, tents can easily be cooled or  heated. This means they are perfect for any season.

5.  1 point of contact

If you want to hire a tent for a party, then you rely on Veldeman. We are your partner who leads you through the entire process. 1 point of contact for the entire concept.  We like to make things as easy as possible for you.

6.  Safety at its best

Is a tent less safe than a permanent building? Those times are long gone. All of our structures are certified in accordance with the required European standards (EN13782), and are assembled and disassembled with close attention to safety. We are also VCA** (Safety Checklist for Contractors) certified.

Hiring a tent for a party: there are only advantages


It is clear: hiring a tent for your party is a fantastic idea. Would you like to discover the various options on offer for your next event? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our team would be more than happy to make sure that your dream event becomes reality.