Are you looking to hire a marquee for your next event? If so, you’re most likely focusing on its visual and capacity features. What are the interior and exterior layout options? How many square feet do I need exactly? But with marquee hire, safety must also come into play.  Are you curious as to how we successfully arrange safety challenges, time and again?

Needless to say, safety isn’t the most stimulating of topics. And, it’s quite a complex issue too, as it is so multifaceted. But, it is second nature to us; it’s in our DNA.

Safety starts with …

Safe marquees

We have our own design and engineering team that ensures the whole design process. All the necessary drawings and calculations can be carried out in-house. As such our marquees continuously meet the most stringent and most recent international building regulations in terms of fire safety, wind & snow loads.


We are proactive in handling safety when discussing your next event.  Together we assess the different standards, inspections and regulations your marquee must comply with.  This helps you immediately understand what to expect when hiring one of our marquees. Safety issues that could arise just before your event kicks off? Not with us – that’s a guarantee.

A detailed plan

We will provide you in advance with a detailed plan, outlining among other things the entrance doors, emergency exits, any sloping areas, emergency pictograms, fire extinguishers etc.. This proactive approach means we facilitate clear communication with local safety services and emergency services.

VCA** certification

Safety is our top priority, and our team’s too. We are VCA** certified. Definitive proof we tackle safety in a structured manner.

Hire a marquee?

Are you looking to hire a marquee for your next event? Put us to the test! We not only provide an aesthetic solution that is tailored to your exact requirements, but without doubt, a safe one too!