• Storage tents
    Toine Brock
    Tobroco Machines
    In the meantime, we have had a Veldeman tent here on site in order to ensure that production could continue.
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  • Congres
    Together congress
    "We always work well together. Adjustments can always be made when needed and that is very important for me. Unexpected things often happen and you come up against problems, but the crew chief at Veldeman's always sorts them out"
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  • Ice rink
    Event Management Organisation
    Events that attract such visitor numbers have to put safety first. As such we want to be certain we have the best, most stringently certified tents and resources which, as far as we’re concerned, is offered time and again by Veldeman.
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  • Events
    Zoute Events
    "It is a large group, but from management to planning, right down to transport and the people working on the shop floor as it were... everyone works in complete harmony."
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  • Sport
    T.C. Orscamp
    Build a tennis hall
    "What we are particularly pleased about is the flexibility such a space offers, for example, what really appealed to us is that in the summer we can open up the sides which creates the feeling of playing indoors, yet a bit outdoors too."
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  • Business & Industrie
    Temporary shop
    "thanks to Veldeman, we actually have a complete package with lighting, heating and ventilation."
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  • Events
    AD Events
    Tents for events
    "Veldeman's key strenghts are flexibility, an extensive range and a willing and proactive attitude."
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your limits!“

Andy Moors, CEO

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