Sadly, summer is now a memory, but it was a great success in many ways. This year we were at twenty festivals, in six different countries. From Afro Latino to the Sziget Festival. We would like to list the most fun festival tents.

Plenty of tents with plenty of possibilities

Now the summer is over, we have a chance to tot up the numbers. This year we were present at twenty music festivals in six different countries. At these events we used several different types of tents from our range. The TFS festival tent was perhaps the most eye-catching structure closely followed by the MexicoPhoenix and Nevada tents. The classic alu hall and of course the party tents must not be forgotten about this year.

Festival organizers don’t just ask for our help for festival tents where concerts are held. We also act as a partner in building complete VIP areas and other logistical services and equipment for the festival.

A busy summer

Twenty festivals in one summer. Believe us, that is quite a few. Especially when you realise that we have to erect, dismantle and transport all the tents and equipment for every event in the blink of an eye. The logistical side of this process is of course very important for festivals. Timing must be strictly adhered to and we really pay great attention to this side of things.

Where did you spot our festival tents?

This year we kicked off the summer of festivals in March at DGTL in Amsterdam, where you were able to party in one of our magical, transparent TFS festival tents. At the Lokerse Feesten, you would have been able to see our alu halls and a variety of storey tents and smaller party tents. At Jazz Middelheim we built the main and club stages.

Abroad, our TFS was definitely a big hit. This year we were also present at Awakenings in Amsterdam, where we erected four TFS festival tents. Our TFS structures are such a familiar feature at this festival, they are often referred to as the Awakenings tent. But also at the world famous Sziget festival in Budapest, our TFS structure was able to entrance everyone and help the international crowd to reach even greater highs.

See you next year, summer!

The  summer may have just slipped away, but we are now looking forward with great anticipation to next summer. Would you like to have Veldeman supply your festival tents? Please get in touch with us and will be pleased to explore the possibilities.

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