Every year, at the end of May, the Libelle Zomerweek is held on the Almeerderstrand (a beach in NL). It is a seven-day lifestyle fair, especially focused on female visitors. The summer festival setting attracts around 80,000 visitors each year. This enormous event requires hiring a large number of fair tents. Enter Veldeman!

The situation

Almost everyone in Benelux is familiar with Libelle, a magazine about cooking, health, fashion, trips, creative ideas, and much more. During the Libelle Zomerweek, all these themes come together at one location with hundreds of exhibitors, workshops and food and beverage outlets. We have been working on this complicated logistics scenario for 16 years. Libelle relies on us every year for the fair tents they need to hire.


The Libelle Zomerweek comprises a large central square surrounded by wide walkways, along which the exhibitors man their marquees and tents. In total there are around 300 marquees and tents distributed around the site. That amounts to around 14,700 m² of hired marquees and tents with cassette flooring and another 14,300 m² of flooring for the central square and the walkways. In other words, 60 fully-loaded trucks.

The challenge in 2019

In 2019, the organization wanted to have shorter build and dismantling times. We achieved the build in approximately 15 days, and the dismantling in only 11. Their aim was to reduce the burden on the beach and the environment by shortening these timings.


The solution

Our experience of working together for many years allows us to optimize the project better each year and to handle the build and dismantling tasks as efficiently as possible each year. We are familiar with the challenging environment of the sandy beach and know perfectly well which type of stabilization and anchoring we need to secure the fair tentshired for this event. Good project time planning and smooth cooperation between all the partners involved ensures that the Libelle Zomerweek is a great success every year.


Are you looking for a partner to help make your next event a success? Would you like to have one partner to call on for all the fair tents or temporary structures you need to hire? We will be happy to help make your event a success with our knowledge, experience and, of course, our extensive range of marquees, tents and temporary structures. Contact us now for more information or an answer to any questions you might have.

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