The program makers of KanaalZ – a Belgian television channel – came to Veldeman Group to make a corporate portrait behind the scenes. Ceo Andy Moors gave them more explanation about the different solutions for fabric structures. The reportage has been broadcasted on KanaalZ in the program “Alle Zaken Op Een Rijtje”. You can see the reportage below.

We see them at events, in retail and even in defence: fabric structures.


Demand arose from the need to cover temporary locations and events. As such, in days gone by, fun fairs and exhibition centres were covered using span structures. Those span structures evolved into steel tents, which in turn evolved into aluminium tents. These days, fabric structures are used in various ways, for small-scale private parties to large-scale events, such as festivals.

More solutions for fabric structures

Fabric structures are also used a lot more nowadays for permanent solutions, such as to cover sports grounds; membrane structures are very popular now too. Meanwhile, the industrial sector also favours fabric structures. For example, as cover for production or storage areas, but also temporary shops, and even for military purposes.

Our approach

We’ll endeavour to ascertain customer demand in a very specific way. We’ll do so using a project organization that serves the customer. We have extensive expertise and have built many years’ experience. We have comprehensive development and production departments, rental capacity, as well as a maintenance department where our materials are flawlessly maintained and cleaned.