Are you experiencing storage issues due to the Corona pandemic? Perhaps you need extra workspace in order to be able to comply with the requisite distance stipulations between working colleagues?  Or, do you need to partition areas off? Do you need temporary accommodation or units?

Team Veldeman is on hand to provide you with prompt temporary custom-built accommodation.

A turn-key solution for your storage problem


Are you struggling with a lack of storage space? Look no further for the ideal solution, as we’ve got it right here for you already: a temporary storage tentFully equipped with (emergency) exits, doorways, electricity, heating, lighting, insulation … With the extensive range of dimensions available to you, our tents can be fully tailored to your requirements, to provide the space you need.  We can easily install your temporary storage tent at your current location. This in turn offers a lot of logistical advantages. Under ideal conditions, we can install one thousand square metres a day. Now that’s a fast turnaround time! These are just a handful of the many advantages our storage tents have to offer you.

Mobile partition walls

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Are you looking to divide a working space up into a better layout, or to partition certain areas off? We can promptly provide (mobile) partition walls. We have a range of solutions for tent structures as well as existing buildings.

Additional workspace


Do you need extra temporary workspace to ensure adequate distancing, or for additional activities?  Our tent structures can be equipped with every conceivable comfort, such as flooring, insulation, locker spaces, HVAC, lighting, and water and electricity hook-up.  We are on hand to provide a quick and efficient solution, one that is fully tailored to your needs.

Working safely


Team Veldeman can provide immediate solutions that comply with the most stringent safety measures! To safeguard our team’s safety whilst out on the road, we have installed a PVC canvas in our vans that separates the driver from the passenger.  Are you interested in this solution for your own personnel? We are happy to tell you more about it!

Blocking entranceways or redirecting routes


Do you require materials to either block entranceways or to redirect routes? Veldeman is on hand to help. We can provide you with concrete blocks.

A single point of contact

Are you in need of temporary space? Enjoy a single point of contact at Veldeman for the duration of your entire project.  We are pleased to help you further! Get in touch with us on telephone number +32 (0)89 47 31 31 or send an email to

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