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Its striking taut roof fabric, amazingly high inside space, the unique arched form and the careful finishing make the SFS the highlight of our range. A hall that is suitable for various purposes on a semi-permanent or permanent basis: storage, workplaces, aviation, environmental, shopping centres, exhibitions, events, temporary housing, soccer, volleyball, basketball, aquatics, etc…

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A SFS-hall comprises a strong frame covered with a PVC synthetic skin. The construction combines the advantages of a lightweight structure (speed of assembly and disassembly and movability) with the strength, safety and the finishing of permanent buildings. Thanks to the high roof pitch of 17° – 25° the curved side profiles, the type of fabric and its perfect tensioning high wind and snow bearing capacities are achieved.


The unique proposed design has been developed to offer an effective solution to an all weather enclosure. We have developed the frame concept by utilizing state-of-the-art technology for steel truss frames to meet the structural specifications while minimizing costs. The steel truss frame is painted and constructed in modular sections in order to use pre-engineered parts, minimize costs and maximize the flexibility of the structure.

Roof and gable fabrics

Roof and gable fabrics are made from PVC-coated polyester fabric (white translucent, white non-translucent or coloured). The roof fabric slides into the keder tracks in order to seal the building entirely. This fabric is stretched in two directions: vertically using tension tubes and horizontally using our new “FTSS” (fabric tensioning and sealing system). Flame retardant class M2 according to the French standard NFP92-507 ; class B1 according to German standard DIN 4102 ; and meets British Standard BS 7837. The fabric is UV-stabilised and treated against deterioration to avoid rot and mildew.


  • High-strength structural steel quality S235.
  • Flat gable end walls with support columns. The end walls have been designed with interior work layout in mind. Modular system.
  • Designed with horizontal and vertical tensioning system to ensure compression seal.
  • All welding is done in a metal shop on clean, shot-blasted steel, before painting, with complete weld around joint.
  • All steel framework and welds are coated after fabrication.
  • All welds are shall be full, or crimped, for maximum strength. Specially designed to fit in a 40’ container.
  • The structure is calculated and developed in accordance with the Eurocode.
  • Wind load: 146 km/hr (= 90 mph used in USA “ASCE” standard, exceeding maximum wind load in Europe).
  • Snow load: 56 kg/sqm effective roof load (medium European snow load).
  • Additional roof load: 10 kg/rm arch (= 2kg/sqm on 5m bays).

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Standard with 30 m - 36 m - 40 m - 50 m
Standard length Unlimited
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Bay distance 5 m

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