The ins and outs at Veldeman

What else do we do besides building tents and cover locations?
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Veldeman On Tour

After the summer holidays we made a new start by organising a Team Veldeman activity after a long time. During our Veldeman On Tour day, the whole team visited a number of Veldeman projects, expertly explained by our own people and our customers. This way everyone could see the end result of his or her contribution. We concluded at a nice location with a snack and a drink. It was a fascinating day with interesting presentations, fun intermezzos and a happy reunion of our colleagues who had not seen each other much due to the corona crisis.


Team Veldeman in action

Our Veldeman colleagues are proud to show what kind of work they do on a daily basis. Together we are one team that accepts any challenge and goes the extra mile every day to satisfy the most demanding customers.


Vaccination campaign

‚Together, we’ll turn the tide – so, get your vaccination.‘ In cooperation with Voka Limburg, we are mobilizing our employees to get vaccinated. Working together, we’ll build a safe society, so that we can start once again to work together ‚in real life‘ with our colleagues!


A look behind the scenes at the Expodrome vaccination centre

At the Expodrome vaccination centre in Bree, there are a lot of employees and volunteers working hard on the frontline to make the vaccination campaign run as smoothly as possible. And our colleague Hilde has also rolled up her sleeves to help as a volunteer there too. Take a look behind the scenes in this nice report.


The Corona Cut Challenge

After more than 3 months of lockdown, the hairdressers were allowed to open back in mid-February. And how we were all looking forward to being freed from that corona cut. Some colleagues provided us with before and after pictures. What fresh haircuts!

P.S. One colleague only sent us the ‚before‘ photo, but we would want you to miss out on that one.


Hilde supports the vaccination campaign

Our colleague Hilde was the first to receive her primary vaccine shot, because she is volunteering at the Bree vaccination centre. She supports the vaccination campaign wholeheartedly. Big thanks to Hilde.


Winter fun

Hiking in winter wonderland! The snow makes a nice change during the long corona crisis. Some colleagues have also come up with other ways to keep themselves warm during these freezing days. Something one should do ‚in a measured way‘, etc. 🙂


We are working together on building a safe society!

Team Veldeman is involved in the construction of various vaccination centres in Flanders, including the one in the city of Bree. Within a few days we will handle the interiors and provide the basic facilities, so that these centres can become operational quickly.


We enjoy and make the best of the little things – such as Limburg's wonderful nature

Unfortunately, we are still not able to meet colleagues to exercise together, to cook etc.But that does not prevent us from continuing to stretch our legs. Colleagues are exchanging routes of nice hiking trails and beautiful pictures of Limburg’s nature.


Corona proof on vacation

In the summer months, we are permitted to travel again and our colleagues will do that in a corona-proof way – with a Veldeman face mask. Thanks to Jarne for this beautiful photo and the international advertising. Who knows, maybe we will be building our tent structures in Normandy next year.


Great sporting performances

Challenge our limits… This thought was on these colleagues minds, and they decided to spend their exceptional free time well. The lockdown has already delivered some great sporting performances – from people taking up running, or doing so again, right through to doing half marathons. Let’s take on even more challenges!


Veldeman 'vélodag' (bike day) – Corona edition

Unfortunately, this year there was no Veldeman Vélodag, the day when as many of our team as possible come to work by bike. Some colleagues, who work in the office, decided to make a limited edition a success anyway, and they came to work on bikes.


Energy for the whole team

Due to the corona crisis, we have spent a lot of time at home. And we miss the contact with our colleagues. So, the management team thought it’s time to send some positive energy to our colleagues, both literally and figuratively. The whole team was surprised with the gift we sent to their home – A power bank. All the reactions we received were positive about it. What a boost for the whole team!


Socially distanced noon break

The corona crisis does not stop us from enjoying a sunny walk at noon in a safe way. The home workers hope to be able to join in soon. Fresh air, movement and sun can only help to build our resistance to the virus. Are you also on the starting blocks and ready to get a bit more active?


Together against corona

Last weekend we built a triage tent for various hospitals to screen potentially infected patients for coronavirus outside the hospital. We are very proud of our team that is immediately stand by in these difficult days!


Inhouse bootcamp

The bootcamp took place in our Challenge room. Some colleagues have ventured to participate in the intensive but especially effective workout. They have proudly completed every assignment. Good job guys!


Cooking workshop

The second edition of our cooking workshop: what a turn-out! Also this time, our colleague Hilde, put together a great menu starting with a puff pastry with salmon and herb cheese, a spicy but tasty Thai soup, a vegetarian lasagne and to finish we made a delicious chocolate mousse. Are you getting hungry? We have already enjoyed it.


Spinning session

The first activity of Energy@Veldeman was a success! We brought the spinning session to a good end, together with some sporty colleagues. Curious about our next activities? Follow this page closely!


New Year's reception 2020

The entire Veldeman team came together on 24 January to wish each other a happy new year. After the speech of CEO Andy, we toast to a year full of great challenges.



A workout focused on strength and endurance, that was the challenge for these colleagues. It was great fun!


Learning Week


Recordings for TVL news

Tonight at 6.30 pm Jan, our Manager Planning and Assembly, will be on TVL news. The focus of this new is the recruitment of people over 50 in the current labor market.


Cooking workshop @ Veldeman

Eleven colleagues came together after work to cook. Our colleague Hilde put together a healthy four-course menu. When all the dishes were prepared, we could enjoy each other’s cooking skills with background music. Even the dishes afterwards were really a result of teamwork! We are already looking forward to the next edition.


VRT report

Big news: Veldeman supplies 400 tent structures for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. VRT came by for an interview with our CEO Andy Moors.


Walk & Lunch Week

Enthusiastic colleagues during our Walk & Lunch week! We challenge all colleagues to go for a walk this week during lunch. Everyone who participates at least 4 times receives a nice reward.


Veldeman Velo Day


Day of the Forklift Driver

They usually work in the background, but nevertheless they are very important to us. We would like to put them in the spotlight on the Day of the Forklift Driver. Thank you for your efforts!


Breakfast for all women at Veldeman

This morning our female colleagues were treated to a delicious breakfast.


Zumba initiation

Happy faces during our Zumba initiation!



For these Veldeman colleagues it was a sporty Valentine’s day.


Challenge 5: completed?

A Haka is slightly different from performing a folk dance. How can you give fierce looks, terrifying cries, combined with the right moves? We certainly will not win this world title as a gift! Are you curious about the result?


Challenge 4: completed?

What was the hardest part about the Dutch anthem? Singing with a Dutch accent, of course! Are you curious whether the Veldeman choir could be distinguished from real Dutch supporters? Now we can switch back to our own anthem, the Brabançonne.


Challenge 3: completed?

This was literally an XXXL challenge! And that is why it cost us blood and sweat, but fortunately no tears! And then the flag still had to be unfolded! Are you ready for le moment suprême


Challenge 2: completed?

Who would have thought that a game of ‘hit the crossbar’ could be so exciting? Watch how the Veldeman players pulled it off at KRC Genk.


Challenge 1: completed?

Drawing plans, taking measurements, welding the parts, and putting everything together are of course all important. Because we do not only need this stand to look good, it must also be able to bear stamping supporters. Are you wondering if our stand will pass the test?


Veldeman for world champion!

The Football World Cup – 32 countries fighting for eternal fame. One of the biggest sport events in the world. And wherever sports and events meet, Veldeman is there. That is why we are also taking a shot at the world title.

How are we going to do that? We are letting five of our clients offer us challenges. They are from all over the world. And they have very challenging assignments. It promises to be intense. But we are ready to take the challenge! Are you interested?

If so, you can follow our shot at eternal fame here and get to know the challengers and our hard working colleagues, who never shy away from a challenge. We are always ready to take your challenge.