Covering your sports fields with a fabric structure, what does this actually involve? How does it actually work? We will go over the various steps, from design to delivery. In this way, you will have a good idea of how Veldeman would go about covering your sports fields.

Plenty of good natural light, side walls that are easy to open and close and quick construction. We have already listed the many advantages of using fabric structures to cover sports fields. But you might perhaps have a few questions concerning the technical side of things.

What challenges do you have in store for us?

Everything starts with that first call or email. You can then provide us with an outline of the challenge. What sport is involved? Do you want to cover football fields? Tennis courts? Perhaps it is a riding school or a padel court? Are the grounds in the planning stage or already being used? And how many? Do the fabrics have to let light through?

The preparatory work

In order to provide a concrete proposal for covering your sports fields, we pay a visit to your site. This way, we can get the full picture of your situation, we can explain how we work and discuss various options with you.

When we have all the information, we can get down to work. We draw up a technical plan of the structure, which we send to your architect. The architect then uses these plans to submit the building permit application.

We recommend that you get an architect involved in your project at an early stage.

If we reach an agreement and your building application gets the green light, then our Project Manager takes care of everything. The Project Manager is your primary contact. He or she sees to all practical matters and coordinates your project.

The real work

How does the actual work of covering your sports fields take place? Initially, the ground works are carried out and the foundations are laid. Then the steel or aluminium frame is installed and the fabrics are put in position. Finally, the doors, gutters, lighting, ventilation etc are installed.

We are ready for your challenge

You now know all the advantages. You have seen the practical steps needed to cover your sports fields. Ready to take the first step? Then we can work together to see what opportunities there are for your football field, tennis court or other (sporting) venue.