Covering sports grounds is a matter of customisation. To that end we offer a range of different solutions depending on location, activity, aesthetics, … What are the determining factors in your final project design? Here is an overview.

Three roof designs

First and foremost: which roof design will you opt for? Our product range comprises three standard roof designs: Tensio, Trium and Arcus. With your help we assess the most suitable design for your project. Aesthetics, the desired interior roof height for your specific sporting activity, and local prevailing standards are key in this regard. You don’t need to worry, we advise and support you in the optimum choice for your club.


Various fabrics

For an indoor sports hall, such as the football hall of Lokomotiv Moscow, a translucent roof fabric is an important asset. Are you looking for a covering without sidewalls? If so, we also have a sunblock roof fabric to offer. This is frequently deployed in more southerly located countries, for example. We run through the assorted options with you, and propose the ideal fabric that perfectly reflects your needs and wishes.

Sidewalls in your club colours?

There are many options in terms of sidewalls too. For example, these can be supplied in fabric, steel or wooden cladding. Moreover, we offer a range of solutions in providing optimally smooth sidewall opening and closing. Even an automatic curtain of 30m+ wide is included in our solutions. That way you can create the ideal outdoor ambience in the summertime, whilst staying sheltered from the worst weather conditions during the winter months.

Or, why not go that step further, like KRC Genk football club, for whom we created an indoor football hall, with the walls decorated in their club colours and their logo. The result? A practical indoor football hall with a highly professional look&feel.

The finish: what did you have in mind?

Covering sports grounds is also about the finish you desire. We are open to all challenges! An additional spectators’ area? A passageway between the pitch and dressing room? Unique boarding? Adjusted sport lighting?

Challenge us with your challenge

We could go into further detail, but where would we stop? Would you like more information about covering sports grounds? Or additional clarification on the options available to your club? Let us know how we can be of help.