Veldeman will be taking part in “Vlajo Ondernemers voor de Klas” (Entrepreneurs as Teachers), the largest educational project between schools and companies in Flanders. On 18/01/17 and 10/02/17 CEO Andy Moors will be at Atheneum Maasland in Dilsen-Stokkem and Biotechnicum in Bocholt. Talk about a new challenge!

During an interactive session Andy Moors will talk about his experiences as an entrepreneur. The intention is to provide young people with an accurate idea of what entrepreneurship and business life mean today and help them make decisions for their studies and choice of profession. The students have lots of questions and the best way of learning is to get answers straight from an enthusiastic business leader himself. Most importantly, it provides Veldeman with an excellent chance to get to know the employees of the future better.

“Vlajo Ondernemers voor de Klas” is an initiative of Vlaamse Jonge Ondernemingen vzw (Vlajo), in association with structural partners Pulse Foundation, ETION, VKW Limburg and project partners BNP Paribas Fortis, essenscia vlaanderen and JCI Vlaanderen.