Are you planning to hold a corporate event or private party in a marquee this summer? Enjoy the ultimate outdoor feeling even more by having a terrace or lounge. With the correct choice of cassette floor or other type of flooring and the right finish, you can create that summer feeling instantly. We will set out all options for you, from the floor to the finishing touches.

Choose your floor: cassette, heavy-duty or bangkirai hardwood floor.

Depending on the style of your event, we will let you choose the most suitable terrace and floor type for your tent. A standard cassette floor is the most popular choice.


A cassette floor comprises planks measuring 1 by 2.5 meters, which are easy to lay thanks to the supporting steel crossbeams. A handy feature – this floor can also be laid by hand.

We also offer heavy-duty floors. Our heavy-duty floors measure 2.5 by 5 or 7 meters. We always install these large heavyweight sections with a forklift. A heavy-duty floor is ideal for large surfaces, and in locations where a forklift truck can drive smoothly. This is a perfect solution for that big company party on your own grounds. Added advantage – the weight of this type of floor allows us to use it as part of the anchoring for the marquee.

Last but not least, we also offer floors made of bangkirai hardwood.


Bangkirai is an absolute must for anyone who wants to give their event an extra luxurious look. This dark hardwood has its own look & feel, which instantly gives any event a style upgrade.

To create a seamless appearance between the marquee and the terrace, we lay one continuous floor over the entire surface.

Select the finishing touches

With the right extras, your terrace will form a beautiful extension to your interior space. Opt for a well finished lounge or terrace and give your next event an exceptional extra dimension. We have plenty of finishing options:

Covered terrace

Our entire range of marquees and structures can also be covered.

Would you like a partly covered and partly open terrace? No problem! We will install a terrace floor that continues beyond the covered area.


A terrace on the first floor of a multi-storey marquee will have a balustrade as a matter of course. But you can also demarcate your ground-level terrace with a balustrade.


We offer both stainless steel balustrades and glass screens.

Bridging/creating height differences

Would you like or do you need your marquee and terrace on different levels? Or perhaps you need a height difference between your terrace and ground level? A few steps that perfectly match your terrace floor will deal with the height difference easily.


And creating height differences wherever you might want them is also perfectly possible.


You can also use our terrace floors as walkways or bridges to your event location. The walkway then connects seamlessly to your terrace, so that you offer your guests an attractive and smooth entrance to your event.

High end finish

You can make your terrace as high-end as you wish. If desired, we can finish your entire terrace in high-quality wood, from floor to balustrade. Having a cassette floor upholstered with black fabric or jute is no problem with Veldeman.

Enjoy the summer at your event!

Make your next event summer proof and ensure an optimal experience by having your own terrace. We will be happy to help you with this, right from construction to the finishing touches. Contact us today for more information!

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