Good news: from now on our range also comprises a 12 metre Arcada. In fact, it is a logical addition to our offer with which we respond to our customers’ needs and requirements. Our customers always are the focus of our business, so we were pleased to provide a suitable solution. Time to get acquainted with the new arched hall.

Why did we create the new Arcada?

The Arcada hall has been a part of our range for quite some time. We used to offer this hall in 10, 15 and 20 metre widths. The new 12 metre Arcada, however, neatly fills the gap between the standard dimensions and has just the size that many customers were looking for.

The arrival of the new Arcada is also good news for everyone who has already bought an aluminium hall from us that is the same width. Would you like to expand your range in way that doesn’t stretch you budget? You can transform your current aluminium hall into a new Arcada with a minimum number of new parts.



The 12 metre Arcada has the same basic structure as the other Arcadas and aluminium halls. It has the typical arched shape roof that gives the marquee a modern and fresh look.

Accessories such as doors, windows and side walls that you use for other Arcadas and aluminium halls fit the new Arcada perfectly. You can also easily link up the 12 metre Arcada to a (covered) terrace.

Interested in buying an aluminium hall?

We are keen to respond to customer demands and are always up for a challenge. This also applies when it comes to expanding our range. There has been great deal of interest shown in the 12 metre Arcada, so it was a logical addition to our range.

The 12 metre Arcada has been officially on sale since July. So, if you are looking to buy a new aluminium hall or expand your existing range of Veldeman marquees, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to explore all the possibilities with you. Who knows, the new 12 metre Arcada could soon be taking pride of place in your range!

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