Broadening your product range as a tent supplier isn’t necessarily a given.  Because buying a new party tent entails a significant investment. Which is why it’s vital you get any decision you make right. Besides market-related, niche and design aspects, the future is an equally important factor too…. here’s why!

One structure, countless options

If you want your tent to be as profitable as possible, you have to look to the future, and have to get the most out of it. Expansion possibilities are what it’s all about. If you approach us wishing, say, to buy a 20 meter party tent, we can in turn suggest our aluminium hall.

But…. How about if you could transform that, with just a few additional sections, into a Mexico tent? Helping you to reach an entirely different market; in actual fact you’re buying two party tents. The Arcada tent is likewise easily extended. With a porch roof, say. Many of our arched halls can be given a saddle roof using different sections. So, with some models the possibilities are endless.


We think along with you

We look past the structure alone. That’s why we like to make site visits. To understand how we can best assist you and which party tent will best suit your requirements. We get to know your company and see what your current storage capacity is, what additional storage options you have, and the direction you see your business going in the future. These are all factors you must consider when buying a party tent.

Looking to buy a new party tent?

Are you considering buying a new party tent? We will help you decide which party tent gives you the highest return on your investment. Please contact us for more information. We are on hand to help you expand!