Whether you want to erect a temporary construction or (semi-) permanent tent, it is always important that the construction or tent is securely anchored. In order to guarantee this, a ground probe or pull-out test is the best first step. Here is a brief explanation of what is involved.

Why is good anchoring so important?

Good anchoring of the tent is necessary to protect your tent against the effects of wind. Good anchoring that is adapted to the surface it is fixed in, can cope with being knocked. Both temporary and semi-permanent constructions must of course be able to withstand the wind. That is why we emphasise the importance of initially carrying out a thorough survey of the ground.  Because safety comes first.

From temporary tents…

In order to determine the correct anchoring method for a temporary tent, for example a festival tent, it is best to carry out pull-out tests. In these tests, the focus is mainly on the forces exerted in an upward direction that the wind applies to the tent. In order to show that the number and type of anchor rods are correct, we recommend having these pull-out tests carried out. During these tests an anchored foot plate is extracted using a forklift truck. A dynamometer measures the strength required to extract the foot plate. If the power required to extract the plate is greater than the maximum uplift forces of wind, then everything is fine.

… to (semi-) permanent structures

For more permanent structures, the requirements with regard to wind forces are often more demanding. As a result, they require different anchoring to temporary tents. This is normally in the form of concrete foundations that are normally located under the foot plates or are installed within the footprint of the entire structure. We are also able to calculate these greater wind forces that apply to the reaction forces on the structure. Along with the results of a ground probe by a specialised firm, the correct foundation for that specific structure or location can then be determined. We can always call on our partners for all these tests, should you so wish.

Types of anchoring

As we have already shown in our blog about anchoring for storage tents, there are, depending on the surface, several options with regard to anchoring for a tent. These range from anchoring rods or stakes to concrete blocks. Sometimes it is not always possible or desirable to drill into a concrete base. Depending on the size of the construction, we determine how heavy the blocks have to be. We go over the various options with you and look at safety, technical feasibility and the realistic costs.

The right anchoringfor your tent

Looking for a tent or temporary construction for a short or longer period? We will always look for the best and safest option for you. Please feel free to get in touch with us.

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