At Veldeman, the customer comes first. That is why we organise customer surveys on a regular basis. These provide us with a better understanding of our customers’ wishes and needs and we can adjust our services accordingly. Surveys also enable us to gauge why our customers choose us when they require additional storage space. According to our customers, these are Veldeman’s 5 major assets:

1. Additional storage space specialist

I’m not personally a specialist in additional storage space and therefore called on Veldeman, with its expert knowledge, to help us. Veldeman engage in dialogue with us and clearly explain the different options”, a customer told us*.

With 50 years of experience, we have carried out a large number of projects. So, we aren’t afraid to tackle more difficult projects. Because of our extensive expertise, we can propose the most suitable solution in terms of the storage problem.

2. Flexible

Our customers unanimously agree that Veldeman exudes flexibility: in terms of rental periods, solutions and potential modifications to projects, etc. We erect both standard and customised solutions. Would you like to know more about our solutions? Then our blog about modular storage tents will be most interesting for you to read.

3. Excellent service and after-sales service

“You really don’t have to worry about anything. Everything is organised, down to the finest detail. We only had to ensure that there was an area for the tent to be erected”, says a manufacturer in the food sector.

The after-sales service is also appreciated. “Veldeman communicated with us proactively when there were extreme weather conditions. We received fast responses to questions and any interventions took place quickly”, another customer told us.

4. Precise and reliable

“Agreements were strictly adhered to and everything took place on time. Veldeman is also very precise from an administrative point of view and prices are reasonable.”

Punctuality and adhering to agreements are our strengths. We genuinely do what we promise.


(c) Roel Dijkstra / Foto: Joep van der Pal

5. Customised finish

A logistics service provider attests: “We had an open space between 3 different warehouses. We had this space covered to make internal transport run more smoothly. Veldeman provided a customised solution on our behalf, to connect the 3 buildings to one another.”

We have a large in-house technical department, enabling us to also provide customised solutions. Our own finishing department is a real asset. We prefer to provide a total solution: additional storage space, including gates, doors, electricity, lighting, heating, insulation, ventilation, etc., while Veldeman acts as the single point of contact.

Did you know that we yet have some more assets? Read all about these in the article about additional storage space. In this article, we outline 8 reasons why you should choose our modular storage tents.

Are you looking for additional storage space which can be erected quickly?

Team Veldeman is happy to help you and can quickly provide additional storage space tailored to your needs. We are an SCC** certified company and will execute your project with the greatest care and attention to safety. Contact us through our website, or on telephone number +32 (0)89 47 31 31, or by email to

*To safeguard privacy in customer surveys, no names are mentioned. Are you wondering who our customers are? You will find our references here.

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