Annoying! You are a tent rental company and receive a request for a large event but do not have sufficient stock to cover it. Will you buy extra stock in a rush? Or, even worse, refuse the project? This is not a problem for our clients! In other words, why it’s advantageous to buy tents from a supplier who also rents.

At Veldeman, we develop, sell and rent fabric structures for covering your location. We offer a full range from small pagoda tents right up to large fabric structures that cover the entire area of a festival.

Producer and rental company

We know our products through and through, because we manufacture them in-house. That gives you quality assurance. And an equally important bonus is that we both sell and rent them.

Recently, we had one of our clients on the phone. He had a mega order for a large event. A request on a scale that he does not often encounter. But just at the time, he had a great number of reservations. And that meant he did not have enough stock to take the new order. Should he give up on it then? No way!

SOS Veldeman – for full support

We helped our client out of the crisis by hiring him one of our tents. We offer that supplementary service to all our clients. And there you have the biggest advantage of a company that both produces and rents tents. Our rule is that a client may come to us for any construction as big as one that he or she has previously bought.

And we can even send an assembler along with it. And that means you have no last-minute worries. That is what we at Veldeman mean by full support!